Guys. Gals. Listen! Have you ever overheard something or read something from someone or saw someone do something and took it in the way that was in your own reality realm or that “applied” to your little life bubble? Me! I have……

Recently, our oldest daughter received a note from a sweet little friend of her’s. To paraphrase, this note said something to the effect of this: “Hey. Can you do a better job of staying at home? I want to come play and be friends, but you’re gone so much. I don’t feel like we’re friends anymore.”

Now, to most adults this would read as “HEY. I miss you, my friend. I’d love more time with you!”

BUT…to the 9 year old mind, it read like this: “Hey…..I don’t want to be your friend anymore. I am not sure I want to play with you because I don’t get to see you enough. Bye Felicia….” {‘bye Felicia’ is bonus material}

Do you see the 3 stages that this SAME note went through? Poor little, innocent note.

  1. I want to play with you more and be your friend. (Reality)
  2. I want to play with you more and be your friend. (Reality, again.)
  3. I don’t want to be your friend because I don’t see you enough.

SAME NOTE. 3 different stages.

How often do we hear what someone says, see what someone does or read something that someone wrote and we perceive that as reality and truth even? And what we heard, saw or read was done so through our own ‘glasses’ of hurt, unacceptance, anger, disappointment, betrayal, etc –and it wasn’t ANYTHING like it was actually intended to be. Sometimes it is. But, a LOT of times it’s not.

To really grow personally and professionally, let’s take off our ‘glasses’ and see things for what they really are. I am so guilty of this myself (to be honest). I’ve left my ‘glasses of hurt’, or ‘glasses of unacceptance’ or ‘glasses of defense’ ON and haven’t taken them OFF to see what is actually happening in real life. AND…most importantly–what is God saying about you and that situation? Remove the lies, but never leave a void. Refill with truth after the lies are depleted.

Just as I encouraged Layna, our tender kiddo, to SEE what was actually being said by her little friend–I encourage you and I. To take a step back, and really see something in it’s original intent and not through our own glasses of __________{you name it.} but through glasses of TRUTH. #notetoself


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