Hold ON.

…And don’t let go!

Let go of what, you ask? Well, humor. Truth. Light. It’s like when you’re sitting outside on a beautifully mild night in February, and you see the crescent of the moon. You’re sitting in a spot where the moon’s light is shining just above the tree line, a mountain line, or just above your neighbor’s house. And you KNOW–because of what you know of space and science, and the orbit of the Earth–that the light of the moon will eventually go behind the said blockage. You see it now, but in about 10 to 20 to even 30 minutes later–the moon will be “gone”. It’s not “really” gone. It’s just that you, sitting where you are at the moment on this planet–it appears to have disappeared, and you don’t see it anymore.

Hold ON. You were just basking in the beauty and enjoying the light in the night! The light that was literally being reflected off of the sun itself. Without the light of the sun, the moon would be a dark, wholly, round and mysterious object in space. There’s so many more fascinating ‘facts’ about the moon and how it works, but that’s for another time. Or, for Google.

Sometimes in our nights–figuratively and realistically speaking–it can be a time of serious relaxation. It can be a real beauty and true time of reflecting on what the next day will hold. Sometimes, it’s scary and unknown. Sometimes is exciting and uncharted. I am sure we have ALL had a combination of any of the above! We all know the saying…”Just as the moon reflects the sun’s light, so do we as Christians reflect the Son of God.” Heard that one before? It’s a simple, but yet profound notion. We are brighter than the actual sun if we actually reflect the Son. Sounds like a corny church sign, doesn’t it? I love those. Haha! Actually, I’d like to get a collection in pictures of the best ones around! I am sure there’s a website or something of the like around the interwebs somewhere.

BUT. In this case, it’s true. Hold on to that light. To that reflection you just saw with your own eyes. You see good reflected somewhere, every day. I don’t know if it’s if someone who let you in on a busy lane in traffic, or if someone pushed the grocery cart back for you. Or if someone brought you a meal, or if someone gave you a kind word. Or! My favorite: If someone gave sacrificially out of their lack. Lack doesn’t always mean in terms of “monetarily”. (Although that’s a good one.) It’s their time. To you. To speak your specific love language. And before we go all Francine Rivers and The Five Love Languages…let’s just think simple: Time. It’s our most precious commodity. Every one of us has the SAME “24 hours in a day”. Whether you’re a billionaire or have $.50 to your name. We can always make another buck to give, but we can’t get our time back. But…was it ‘our’s’ to begin with though? Quality question!

I have seen the most precious and sacrificial presentation of this lately. From more than one person. I can’t necessarily go into details here, but myself and my family have been so blessed with the time of other “moons”. Those “moons” were simply just being reflectors of the eternal Light. I know that if you’re reading this, you can probably think of someone who gave their time to you to do _________ {insert here}. They gave to you. And YOU have given to them…whoever they are. Don’t make it complicated. You sent a text, you had a cup of coffee with, you worked, you served, you took the time to understand. You listened to listen and not just to respond. (How I hope you have). And the list goes on: to how you have given of your time. It’s precious.

Anyways, as we continue to move and to orbit in life–the light from the reflections will sometimes fade and seemingly disappear. But, it will be back. What are you going to do with your OWN reflections in the mean time? If you follow the Lord and walk with Jesus: YOU will also continue on with that reflection. Carry that torch on to someone else, even when it’s not necessarily illuminating your own night. You have the ability to reflect the light, and I charge you to keep it going.

Billy Graham–for example, as powerful and illuminating as his light’s voltage was, was not more powerful than what you and I have access to. Just because his humanly body is no longer on Earth as today, February 21st 2018, doesn’t mean the light he reflected is gone with him. His ENTIRE LIFE’s message is that we as his fellow humans could also reflect the Son as he did. He demonstrated how it was done–for SIX DECADES! He had many a dark night, and he may have even wanted to dim his light for a time–because it takes effort to shine. It’s HARD TO SHINE sometimes. It’s hard to keep it up when the going gets tough, painful, not-pretty, and tired. It’s exhausting sometimes to even just “be still” and “reflect”! Well, it is to me, anyway.

But is it worth it? Yup. Does it go unnoticed? Nope. Unnoticed by fellow mankind for a time, perhaps–but not to the Light source. Does the sun ever stop being a star or stop burning at 15 million degrees Fahrenheit in our Milky Way galaxy? Nope! It’s just always there. And the moon is ALWAYS being it’s reflective self–somewhere on the planet for someone to enjoy. Just because we can’t see it where we are, doesn’t mean it’s not there. To someone, somewhere–it’s there. And it’s BEAUTIFUL!

If you don’t see the light anywhere you are, maybe it’s because you’re the one who’s supposed to be reflecting it. You have THE Ultimate Source to reflect from.

Enjoy the physical and the eternal aspects of the Light! It never stops, and is ALWAYS there for you tap into. Happy reflecting, my friends.






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