Corn Flakes & Steering Wheels

Howdy, folks!

So today I posted something on social media about our 7 month old being happy. She’s been going through an epic ‘Battle of the Teeth’, and today she was ‘happy as a clam’ as the saying goes. She’s by nature the happiest and sweetest little thing! (Actually, you know I read an article that said if we as adults went through what babies go through with teething, we’d be on all the pain medicine! Crazy! If that’s the case, then they handle it like champs if you ask me!!)

I said something to effect of “no one ‘peed’ in her Corn Flakes” today! {cue the adorable laughing/smiling/bouncing/heart-melting goodness/etc…}. She was happy…well, “just because”. It’s not always like that, but today it was. That’s usually her default. She’s a baby, and if you know anything about babies (or kids, even)–there is no rhyme or reason sometimes for their moods! Good or bad.

It reminded me of something I heard a long time ago, and wanted to share it again! Because it’s GOOD. Real good. And something that I remind myself of a lot when the going gets tough. And I often tell our two older girls who are 6 and 9 to not let their sister ‘steer their steering wheels’. I sure hope they turn out normal. Haha! I usually talk in ‘figurative examples’ when teaching them life lessons, and it usually gets through. But sometimes they look at me like they’re cows at a new gate. I try.

“Don’t let other people steer YOUR steering wheel of your mood/emotions”. Don’t let it happen.

That’s YOUR steering wheel! You control where it goes. If you let what others say and/or do determine what mood you’re going to be in, well, it’s futile. Been there and done that. (And I’m sure, seeing I am human, will do it again…)

Don’t let ’em pee in your Corn Flakes, either. If they do, throw the entire bowl in the TRASH and get a fresh bowl! Pour fresh cereal with milk this time, and enjoy your breakfast. Let the morning sun shine through and have a nice day! Haha! (can I even say “LoL” in a ‘blog’ post? Because I want to…and where’s the emojis when you need them??)

You determine if what others say/do actually steer you. If you don’t wish to take the Fear of Man Exit or the Emotional Roller Coaster Exit–take control of it. How? Well, it’ll take some doing. First, you have to stand FIRM in the TRUTH of what God says in His word about YOU and about that particular situation. If you do walk with the Lord, He’ll give you the strength and the know-how to take back control. Second, perhaps it’s time to break some no-good-for-you ties. BREAK that bad boy off. But then, sometimes there’s the stuff like parenthood or a job or etc and it’s exactly where you need to be. It sure takes it’s toll sometimes, and the kids are veering that steering wheel into all kinds of ditches!

Or, other examples of steering wheel hijackers are:

  • coworkers are just too much to take with gossiping/one-upping
  • or the bills are overcoming your income
  • or a spouse is not filling your love tank
  • or you have frail family ties
  • or your car is breaking down and needs work
  • or your wealth of income is not the answer to your heart ache
  • or someone you’re not married to is attracting you like a bug to a light
  • or you’re comparing yourself to seemingly perfect people and you feel you’ll never be them…
  • YOU NAME IT. I don’t know where you are, but we’re all somewhere. You only have one emotional home base for YOU and that’s your’s to control. That’s your steering wheeling to steer. I sure hope you realize how much you’re YOU and how much the world needs YOU to be you. {Comparison: for another post}

*breathe* Take it back. Hold tight at 10 & 2 or 9 & 3 or however the heck ya like to drive! Just HOLD it! And tell the hijackers “NO. Not today.” Ever see the t-shirt or saying that says “Not today, Satan!” Haha! Pretty much. Not calling people “Satan” by any stretch, but let’s not pretend like his influence in this fallen world is not meant for destruction. Of course it is! (And…on the flip side: Sometimes, in our sinful natures, we are used to lash out for control of someone else’s steering wheel. It may not be your’s to control, and sometimes it’s best to just be the passenger.)

Back to talking about the steering wheel of you: YOU are the only one who makes the decision of how you’ll act in the next part {seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years} of your life. No matter what. That’s your steering wheel, and don’t give anyone else the permission to steer it. Or, to pee in your bowl of Corn Flakes. Not today!!


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