For Kicks ‘n Giggles: Gross!

Laughter is something I love. Hopefully it is for you too! There’s all kinds of things that are hilarious in life. And as you’ll see, even the “gross” stuff in life can have their spotlight. There are NO dull moments around these parts, that’s for sure. Here’s a couple of my favorites from this past weekend that I wanted to share with you. Because…well, why not?

Wet Almonds

…from this past Saturday. I work for a catering company here in Charlotte, and I love it. I do it on average a couple of Saturdays a month, and it’s so fun. Usually weddings. The people-watching is fabulous! More in future posts about that one. This past weekend was a pretty good-sized one, and were running like crazy to GIT-R-DONE!

At the end of the night, I was going around the table grabbing the odds ‘n ends of trash, straws, cups, etc. There was a lone, raw almond sitting on a surface, and working quickly, I grabbed it. As soon as I did, I realized it was spongy and soaking wet. (Where’s that “Hmmm?” emoji when ya need it?) I wear gloves most of the time, but of course didn’t have any on when I picked up the nut-of-mystery.

{Cringe} WHY.IS.IT.WET? Where it did it come from? Wait…WERE almonds served tonight? No, not that I saw.

And then it dawned on me. At the favor table, there was a smorgasbord of treats. All coordinating with the wedding’s colors and themes. There were Jordan Almonds on that table. Jordan Almonds. There’s the culprit. Within a split second of realizing this, I threw the slobbery almond down. UGH!

{Every time I see Jordan Almonds I always think of the scene in the movie Bridesmaids where Kristen Wiig (main character) is crunching on them in a formal dress store as she’s about to have to visit the toilet due to stomach issues from something she ate. Hahaha!! She gets the cold sweats but keeps on munchin’ to prove a point to another character that “She’s fine. Everything’s fine.” Hilarious!}

Anyways, so, back to the wedding. Someone…an adult…had evidently just got done sucking the ever-loving sugary coating off of it–to the point where it looked like a regular almond. So naturally, the next step to do if you don’t want to actually eat the nut is to just put it down anywhere you please. Naturally.

Needless to say, I scrubbed the top layer of skin off my fingers that touched it!! Haha. GROSS. Just GROSS!

Finger Painting with Spit Up

Oh, baby! So this happened Sunday. In our church’s nursery. We undoubtedly have some of the cutest babies in all the land at our church. We are blessed with so many different families from different backgrounds and ethnicities! I absolutely love it, and it’s just getting better. We also have some the most incredible nursery volunteers on the planet. I’m blessed and humbled to be working with them all on a weekly basis!

Josie absolutely loves it, too. She has her occasional fussy spell {what babe doesn’t?!}, but she loves hangin’ out with her homies in the nursery. This particular Sunday, there was one of her many good little guy-friends chilling with her on the play mat, and they were having the time of their lives! He’s just over a month older than she is, and they were both crawling around exploring flashing ‘kinda-toothy’ smiles at each other. *heart-eyed emoji*

I turned my head for about 10 seconds to talk to someone, and I looked back down at them. Both of their little heads where hovered over a particular spot on the mat. I squatted down to see what the attraction was.

Like tiny artists, they both had one little pointer finger in a huge pile of breast milk spit up. Having the time of their lives ‘painting’ with it. Well, that’s what it looked like anyways. It appeared that they were making designs in the slime. 

Which baby’s spit up was it? Who knows. Did they care? Nah.

And just when I went to pull them out of the chunky and slimy mess, they both go in full speed ahead with double fists into it. Haha! Man, were they in heaven having fun. Mean mommy for putting a quick end to it. Um, GROSS!

{That concludes a couple of the gross but funny moments from this weekend. Don’t hesitate to laugh at yourself or even at the gross things that happen in real life! You’ll be glad you did!}



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