I know that love.

So some of us are fortunate enough to know the warm, true and unconditional love of a parent or parent(s). I do. I grew up knowing from when I can start remembering when I remembered, if that makes sense. They were always, and still are {praise the Lord} still here. Loving and cheering and steering. As I’m in my almost mid-thirties now and not three years old, hopefully I’m to that point of them just having to ‘steer’ here and there. I still need my ‘mommy and daddy’ though. Boy do I ever!

Even when I was a baby– and could not physically remember–the kisses and the blessings and the gentle caresses on my head covered in red baby-fur/hair…they were there. And they were blessing me and praying over me and lifting me up to Heaven. From both of my parents. Even today, my mom and dad are best of friends and incredible ministry partners. Not something you see every day. {Examples}.

In saying all of the ‘fairy tale’ sounding babyhood and childhood of mine, I am fully aware–and almost painfully–that there are starts and little-hoods not so fortunate. I have talked to/am close friends with first-line folks who lived hell on Earth in their youngest years. I know it’s not something to be thrown around and dismissed as non-essentials. Where your foundation started is really something to ponder.

There are two foundations, really. When you take a step back and look at the big picture.

1. God. His original plan. His plan for good because of His perfect love.  We can read in Scripture what truths are said about us from before we were formed on this planet. We can know who we are and MOST importantly WHO’S WE ARE.

Some may say something like this: Well, what about the starving/abused/neglected/ orphan child/baby in India or Africa or North Carolina, USA or Ukraine or Brazil or……___________{insert country here: because, they’re there.} Children across the planet are in this dire predicament. So, what about them? Is that God’s plan? For them to be starved and beaten and anything but loved? Nope. It is most certainly not. Well, isn’t He most powerful? How could He allow this? >>>It was us. It was humans who opened this door. Don’t you realize He actually has given us, a race, a being–this much power? To disconnect ourselves from heaven if we so choose. We are {just a hair bit} lower than the angels, but He gave us free will. Something even the angels are not able to have. We all know the story of Adam & Even and the Garden of Eden–so I will not waste time there.

However…it’s where it all started. Free will was given the reigns in our human race. And that’s why parents of these said children can let go (sometimes for good–for their own children’s good) or beat or starve or relinquish control of kiddos. I am sure I am not mentioning reasons why flesh and blood born out of a body aren’t cared for by the body it was giving birth by. Free will. It’s all that. And aaaalllll the in-betweens.

And a lot of times, free will lands a child right into the arms of a mom and dad {or just a mom or just a dad} who were built for them from the beginning. God works even in our free will hot mess! He does. Every day, in fact. Every second, more specifically. He knew from the beginning what we would be, who we’d be with. Take it–wherever it is and whoever it’s with–and point it North. Towards Heaven. He’s there and ready and receive your story–He already knows it. Take what you are and where you’re from and fling it towards God. I promise you, He’s got it. And for all those orphans in foreign countries: He’s got them, too. He’s also got the ones right in our own country. He’s not surprised. He’s all love. He loves them. Let’s pray that in every.single.chance.we.get.

Foundations. If the above story is your’s or you carry the nowparent’s role–this is where it starts. It re-starts with you. Keep the light of eternity in view: Although some days may be purely heaven or hell: Eternity. Keep it there.

2.  Those of us who are from a background of seemingly flawless starts. Our parents loved us from when we popped out from the birth canal. We were wanted from conception. How very blessed. Some of us can say that. {And some of us can say that our parents finally ‘got used to’ the idea–speaking of parental stories–of having us and grew to love us before we made our Earthly appearance!} So, in other words, as soon as we came out and took our first breaths (covered in gross-but-beautiful-uterus-stuff), we were caught with a net of love from the birth-giver and birth-seeder. That’s not the case in so many cases. It is in a lot, though. And that’s what this point is about.

We were raised from the beginning with kisses of love and being treated as if we were a treasure. We are treasures from heaven woven into humans and we landed into the waiting arms of man and woman. {For the record, that’s what we all are…treasures…such treasures.} We are so significant to God that we can simply choose Him and live for Him {easier said than done, but doable} and BOOM. There it is. Surrender & obedience.

So, on a personal note: I always knew I was loved. From before I could remember. From both my mom and my dad. Not one second that I can remember when I felt “unstable in love”. I remember growing up with a foundation that was in stone; in rock. Never wavering or unsure. Again, I know this is rare. I treasure my upbringing and will never take it for granted. This is my story though, and I want to share it. As a beacon of hope. It does exist. Maybe you are meant to be that for a {this} child or {that} child. Only you know.

These ‘fairy tale’ stories do exist. How many of you, (hands raised) think of this when it comes to your kids? If you have them. If you don’t–what kids are in your life who you can make a difference in? (If you care)? Regardless if they’re from your body or not: If they’re in your life: Are you making sure they know WHO THEY ARE and WHO’s THEY ARE? That’s truly all that matters. Truth.





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