When You Follow Your Knows

Caution: Parenting post ahead! If you don’t have a sense of humor or an understanding of bodily functions: Do not read!

I debated on titling this post something like this: “When You Follow Your Nose”. It may have been too literal and obvious. But I think this title suits it well, too!

If you’re a parent, or you’ve been placed in the guardianship or caretaker-ship of a wee one any amount of time–you can {probably} relate. If you’ve never been around kids and you’re reading this: stick with me. You may get a laugh?

I remember when I was a kid and my parents always seemed to KNOW stuff. Like, I felt like I could never get by with even something like being gassy without them knowing it was me. Same holds true today. Haha!

Anyways, now that I am a parent, I totally get this. There are things that some kids just have a certain signature for, you know? Just like adults, they have habits and actions that carry their signatures. When they get a little older, they start realizing they can deny certain actions/habits they carry out. Which, is lying. It’s the early form of it–and something to definitely hone in on as a parent or child caretaker. It’s exhausting sometimes to stay on top of it, but even in the little things: IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT in the long run! Stay the course, my fellow warriors!! {cue the “strong arm” emoji}

So, I will not name names in this post–just because. But it does involve one of our girls. They are each so beautifully made. So unique to their cores and essences. I love the way they see life, and I love being their mom. To have the honor of raising these arrows–wow! God is GOOD! I love seeing the Lord coming real to them in their lives as they grow.

Sometimes, though, there are times when the going gets a little tough in raising arrows. It’s hard work! I love the mental picture of working with the bowstring on a bow. It’s hard to pull it back sometimes and exhausting sometimes to aim properly time after time. We as parents will miss the target sometimes. We just will! We will also hit the target straight in the bullseye, too. Celebrate the victories and learn from the losses!

So the other day we were sitting as a family in church. We were about to have communion. One of my girls was sitting right next to me and snuggling with me as I was explaining {again} what communion was about in little whispers. She’s getting there in her understanding of it all!

The tray passed and her hand went up to get a cup from the silver communion tray. I got a waft of something as her hand grazed up my face to touch my cheek after she excitedly got her own cup from the tray. The waft I got was one of…well, backside. A backside that had been itchy and therefore was scratched. Leaving an aftermath of…backside wafts.

I leaned down to whisper in her ear: “Hey…did you…scratch your crack?”

She looks up at me solemnly (because we have talked about this countless times before when she’s had an itchy crack and the fact there are other ways to scratch the itchand says: “No.”

{Meanwhile, there was a message about communion going on during the service…everyone else listened intently…}

Of course, I immediately knew she was not telling the truth. There was no denying the waft-of-crack. Plus, I can read her like a book. So, I leaned back down and whispered to her: “Hey…I know you’re not telling me the truth. That makes my heart sad–please always tell the truth, because it makes for happy hearts! And happy bottoms. So…did you…?”

She looked back up at me with those beautiful eyes shining with her spirit and whispers: “Well……yes, but…” *sighs* “Yes, mommy, I really scratched that itch good!” {I could tell!}

I almost lost it laughing. Right as we took the cup and bread of communion. I thanked her for telling me the truth, and whispered to her the truths about taking communion and what it represents. I used her lie-turned-truth and it was a great teaching moment.

I would not normally (ever!) choose that particular time and place, but the opportunity presented itself in grand fashion, and she “got” it.

Doesn’t always turn out this way though, and sometimes being a parent can be SO frustrating. When the truth is blatantly obvious about something {or the smell is undeniable} but your little one is still not being 100% truthful. It is sad when kids tell lies. But loving them is correcting it now! As exhausting and frustrating as it is for you now, it’s that much more worth it when they’re grown.

Bon courage, fellow parents/caretakers!! Much love.






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