So the other day, the Lord spoke through an herb. Haha! I guess stranger things have happened.

I made one of our easy peasy go-to slow cooker meals, and was prepping it for the girls on their plates before we rushed out of the door for swim practice. (Swim season! It’s wonderful but INTENSE!) This go-to meal is delicious, too. It’s chicken, black beans, diced ‘maters, and corn. Oh! And cream cheese–cannot forget that. Put some spices on the chicken before dumping all of the above on top of it and BAM! Dinner is served. Well, in about 6 hours!

Back to the prepping. I yelled out “GIRLS! Do you want fresh cilantro on your chicken stuff or not?”



Sweet little voices in the distance: “YES! But…do we have any fresh cilantro?”

“UM…yes. Why else would I offer it if I didn’t have it?? Do you want chips ‘n salsa too? AND ARE YOUR GOGGLES AND CAPS IN YOUR BAGS??? WE’RE NOT COMING BACK HOME! GOT YOUR TOWELS READY?! PUT EVERYTHING BY.THE.DOOR.

{Just being real! I don’t think I’m the only swim parent to have ever said these words. If your kids are perfect, I am so happy for you!}

I continue to prep and make plates and the Lord, in His ‘still small voice‘ very carefully says: “Why would you offer it if you didn’t have it?”

The conversation continued from my heart and mind to Him: “I wouldn’t have.”

“Why would I offer Myself–including My love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, self-control, meekness, long-suffering and patience… if I didn’t have them to give to you? That fruit to partake of is not just an empty promise, and I don’t say it’s your’s for nothing. When you walk with Me, it’s your’s to have. Take freely!”

“Huh. Truth.”

“I wouldn’t promise my steadfast love to you if I didn’t have it. I would never promise anything that’s not already your’s.”

And folks, since that moment–I have been warming under the truth of this revelation. And He spoke through an herb!

And it’s true. He would never say He wanted to give us something He didn’t already have! Even in those dark moments, those darkest times.

In saying that, I had to hold on for dear life recently to His promises. During a recent episode of 8 hours of emotional hell, I had to hold on to all the promises. This happened recently, and I will be blogging about it soon. No, nothing is going on in the natural that would contribute to such a hellish experience. There was absolutely no reason for me to experience what I did, but…God. He allowed it for a reason, and I am actually excited about sharing it. It’s very uncomfortable for me to be so vulnerable about it, but I know I didn’t go through that for nothing. Stay tuned!


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